Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stephen King Coming to Savannah!

This isn't related whatsoever to our class, but I thought many of you would like to know that there is now an even better reason to attend the Savannah Book Festival.

STEPHEN KING will be giving the Book Festival's closing address at the Trustees Theatre on Feb. 19, 2012.  Tickets for this will go on sale October 3 at 10 a.m. for only $10. Read about it at SMN here

I first found out from a writer friend of mine on Facebook, another example of how social media can be a powerful and immediate source of news.  But I thought I'd take the time to critique SMN's coverage of the news. 

First, I'd like to look at the page as an online source.  There is a picture provided, and like all articles on the site, there is a way to post the page's link via Facebook or Twitter.  You can also email the page and comment on it.  But there are no external links to be found on the page.  It's rather/kinda/extremely obvious to provide links to Stephen King's official website and the Savannah Book Festival website, at the very least.

As for content, the article is actually the exact press release that the Book Festival released.  No additional research was done.  As a fan, I immediately wanted to know was if there was going to be a book signing.  What is the potential for the festival's growth now that an author with such a huge reputation will be in the area?  How will the growth of the Book Festival affect the writing scene in Savannah? I speculate that people from all over - maybe as far away as Charleston and Jacksonville - will come to try to see him.  And it's always motivational for a writer to see a favorite/famous author, so much so that the numbers for local writing clubs could climb after the event.  How have other city's Book Festivals affected the local writing scenes?  Eck, my questions go on and on.  

Overall, I'm even more excited for 2012 than I was before.  I'll have graduated, regained my sanity, and hopefully, have seen Stephen King at the Savannah Book Festival.

P.S. For your viewing pleasure - Stephen King on Conan O'Brien, 2005 (sorry about the fuzz factor):


  1. It really is exciting! Great job with the embedded links your page looks super professional and well put together.

  2. I'm assuming that future coverage from the SMN will address some of your questions about the SBF's growth, impact, etc. Still, it would be nice to hear some other voices now. With Stephen King and Pat Conroy both appearing, it's the highest-profile festival to date.

    I agree completely that it would be nice to have links and such in the article. Perhaps we'll soon hit a point where links will be embedded in the press releases in a routine way that makes it even easier for news outlets to include them.

  3. That'll be interesting. I used to read some of his works when he was younger. I kind of like the movies based off of his books better, though (and I know King purists will hate me for that).

  4. I meant to say was when *I* was younger.